Business Intelligence

Grand Design Recruitment’s brand, process excellence, proprietary data, and vast networks create a unique offering to support your talent acquisition function in Strategy, Operations and Sales. This bespoke service allows our clients preferential access to the information required to make faster and better decisions

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Business Intelligence

Gain valuable information on your industry and how you stack up

Market conditions

By utilizing our market knowledge, insights and contacts we can ensure you know about your market and how it is preforming. If a particular market is experiencing a downturn or redundancies we can ensure that our relevant clients get access to this information, to identify available candidates.

Talent mapping

High quality research is the backbone of our Executive search. Grand Design will undertake a comprehensive talent mapping to unearth the comprehensive candidate market place that is relevant to any position you seek to fill. Our talent mapping process yields extensive bench-marking information such as; average company salary levels, competitor information, company and departmental structures. We also provide a service that maps projects across all market sectors which could provide the basis for your next growth strategy.

Competitor analysis

Looking inward, we provide expert assistance to our clients by helping them understand their position in the marketplace and what kind of impression is being created among industry leaders. We do this by undertaking deep research and analysis, using our network contacts and other external sources to find out what strategies your competitors are using to attract and retain candidates. This includes understanding the framework of the company culture, relocation packages, benefits, compensation and bonus packages and other information that you can use to structure yourself as an “employer of choice”. Looking outward, we can assess the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors giving you a clear strategic position for identifying key opportunities and threats to better serve your clients.

Salary and team benchmarking

Having sound market knowledge about the rates and salaries you are paying would be beneficial, right? We have a process of getting and organizing salary and team bench-marking information that can be used to deliver bespoke analysis by sector, geography or role type.

Our Roster of Subject Matter Experts

We are immersed on a daily basis in a world of subject matter expertise. Our clients have the ability to request advice and input on a range of specialized topics to which we will leverage our network to find the people with the answers. Our managed network of leading Strategy, Operations and Sales experts, can be in the position to provide a rapid response to your query, or alternatively you may choice one of our Subject Matter Experts to be engaged on a project.

Merger & Acquisition Advisory Services

Our service allows your business to leverage Grand Design’s relationships, facilitating a process to identify relevant targets. Once targeted, we will assemble and organize the data to allow potential M&A targets to be identified and approached with the confidence.

Our Services

Recruitment Services

Individually customized and creative placement services for mid-level positions. Our candidate network, methodologies and processes helps us to find the right talent across a range of disciplines

Executive Search

Grand Design’s Executive Search makes use of top level project management, industry knowledge and the deepest levels of research to identify and secure the market specialists needed

Contract and Interim

Grand Design can accelerate your projects by providing rapid access to a broad range of specialized professionals who are available for contract, interim or short-term project work

Business Intelligence

Let our network and data assist you through a completely bespoke service that can provide; market research, salary bench-marking, merge & acquisition support or detailed technical advice