Who We Are

Thanks to our unique processes and unrelenting determination we continue to have access to some of the best and brightest candidates in North America, but most importantly, as natural problem solvers, we have the tools to unlock your specific talent needs to find the most relevant talents.

Our Values

Our values set the tone in our business

Why it matters

Our values are important and make us who we are. In short, they are easy to remember, which makes it simplistic to apply them to how we work. We use these values to gauge how we work with clients:

Are we listening to what you have to say?

Are we having the tough conversations needed?

Do we understand your business and its culture?

Are we insightful and honest about what’s needed?

Have we captured the best thinking to formulate the best placement strategies?

Are we creating the confidence needed that allows our clients to get back to business?

What they mean

We listen:
It builds the groundwork of any good relationship.

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today and we embrace this fact. After listening, leaders need to tell great stories in order to get across their most important ideas. Storytelling is what captivates people and drives them to take action and introduces relevance.

We are perpetually curious, truly interested in understanding more about people and the complex business environments they work in. This curiosity is how we stockpile deep knowledge into what makes people fit culturally and how companies and people can achieve their full potential together.

Never, has there ever been a faster-changing marketplace than the one we live in today. We exercise flexibility when managing changing opportunities and challenges, thus making us nimble enough to pivot at the right moment. Although we are placement specialist stubbornness is no longer desirable to most organizations. Instead, we practice humility and the willingness to adapt to get the job done.

To us, being open and accountable for the work we do and the opportunities we offer to others is important. We will communicate openly and promote transparency of decision making within the recruitment process.


We work closely with our clients, and generally encouraging a participatory approach in the placement process.

Our drive, passion and enthusiasm makes us ambitious! We love to do great things with great people and complete lofty goals. Drive and ambition will take us there.

Ethical and moral rigor guide how we work and assist our clients.

Our Culture

We make our culture purposeful

A true extension of our values

The work we do cannot be done by us alone, so we’ve built a network and company culture that allows our people to flourish. Our values and culture compliment each other, allowing us to stay focused to tackle our clients really big challenges—the ones that don’t have a template.

How we do it

We turned all of our methods on ourselves. We have asked ourselves the hard questions about what is working, what isn’t, and what behaviours are vital to bring the company values to life. Through this process we increased our empathy for the decisions our clients face on a daily basis and this allowed us to get precise information about the qualities that shape our culture and the way we work with all parties.

Our Team

The company we keep

What energizes us

We work with some great leaders, many are with companies that are highly recognizable. Also, we do work with strong established brands that may not be as recognizable but are just as reputable. When faced with uniquely difficult strategic talent challenges, clients turned to us for help.

We’d like to help you too

Stephan Williams is Managing Partner of Grand Design Recruitment. His primary responsibility is to lead the overall strategic direction for the firm. He is involved in the firm-wide management and leads the business development and marketing initiatives for Grand Design Recruitment’s four category solutions. In addition to these responsibilities Stephan is passionate and committed to recruitment he continues to be hands on with the delivery of the services provided to our clients.

His network within the business community spans across North America giving Stephan a unique advantage over his competitors, and is one of the key differentiators in our success. He has personally completed numerous placement assignments with leading organizations, and has the knowledge and experience necessary to assist his clients successfully realize their talent acquisition strategies by finding and hiring the right people.

“Our clients hold us responsible for finding exceptional talent and bring them to the table. They truly understand that people are the key differentiators in business but the uncommonly talented individuals; they are the people that drive business. Without these driven minds, most companies would struggle over time to compete. The reality; technology, marketing and location do have an impact on a candidates decision, but without talented employees to work in these challenging and complex environments how do you move forward to achieve long-term success? That’s where we can help!”

Stephan has and continues to gain access to some of the best and brightest candidates in North America, but most importantly, as a natural problem solver, he has the tools to unlock your specific talent needs to find the most relevant talent.

Stephan is an active member within the community, having helped with several local organizations over the years. “Getting involved and giving back to our community is important to Grand Design Recruitment. We encourage and support all our staff to get involved and give back to their local communities.”

Our Services

Recruitment Services

Individually customized and creative placement services for mid-level positions. Our candidate network, methodologies and processes helps us to find the right talent across a range of disciplines

Executive Search

Grand Design’s Executive Search makes use of top level project management, industry knowledge and the deepest levels of research to identify and secure the market specialists needed

Contract and Interim

Grand Design can accelerate your projects by providing rapid access to a broad range of specialized professionals who are available for contract, interim or short-term project work

Business Intelligence

Let our network and data assist you through a completely bespoke service that can provide; market research, salary bench-marking, merge & acquisition support or detailed technical advice