Why Engage Us

What drives you crazy about working with recruitment firms...? Cookie-cutter solutions? Not fully understanding your business? Lack of process organization and execution on your searches? No impact with the true market players? They cannot attract the right talent..? We aren’t that!

Our Beliefs

Headhunting shouldn't be a dirty word

It’s all about value

Every day, our aim is to make it harder for businesses to settle for typical employees when great talent can be targeted and acquired. We think Grand. We speak plainly. We help clients navigate the shifts that threaten to undermine their business by not having the right people. We always stay focused, through it all, our clients must move forward, lead their teams through uncertainty, and deliver industry leading results. We believe that value is defined as the size of problems you were capable of solving, and we think Grandly!

Recruitment redefined

We want to change the way recruitment works. We are uniquely positioned because we speak to your industry leaders and have the ability to bring them to the table for your consideration. The best is hard to find, even harder to get them to shift focus on new opportunities that might exist. Our processes allow us to unlock these hidden talent pools because we know how to sequence the event. With the belief that our clients know more about the business they are in than we could ever hope to we tap into this knowledge in order to harness it and turn it into actionable processes. As important, we assist to build the story, your story. We respectfully build upon your inherent knowledge by working side-by-side to introduce new, fresh approaches and create boldly successful placement strategies.

Our Focus

We really love solving the very hard problems

The essence of our business

We ask the right questions that get to the heart of every search and tackle it. We get an understanding of all the raw elements in your talent acquisition strategies, search capabilities and business culture before we deploy tactics. That means we focus on three key areas—strategy, leadership, and culture. Effective recruitment strategy solutions take into account how all three associate with one another.

Plan of attack

We work with leaders to create a non-fictional story highlighting the interconnected forces between; strategy, leadership, and culture. The balance and delivery of information in these key areas coupled with the new and exciting challenge candidates will face is where we earn our stripes. We specialize in the sequencing of those efforts to create the most value for our clients.

Our Approach

We get to the very heart of the matter

Everything in balance

Our customized placement process and methodologies have purpose. It’s a balance between art and science, logic and creativity and it’s this very balance of skills that makes us uniquely effective. We bring both views into one so that our message both speaks to the emotions but also to the mind of the talent we approach. You will find our approach refreshing, appealing and mixed with our unique personality, we will deliver a grandly designed experience.

Leveraging these complementary forces

Fundamentally, our placement methodology is about solving real talent problems within a defined set of constraints—which is also the very essence of strategy. The balances we create between art and science, logic and creativity together forces clarity and helps everyone imagine the new possibilities. Grand Design will help client’s articulate talent issues and mobilize solutions in ways that resonate with top talent emotionally and intellectually.

Our Services

Recruitment Services

Individually customized and creative placement services for mid-level positions. Our candidate network, methodologies and processes helps us to find the right talent across a range of disciplines

Executive Search

Grand Design’s Executive Search makes use of top level project management, industry knowledge and the deepest levels of research to identify and secure the market specialists needed

Contract and Interim

Grand Design can accelerate your projects by providing rapid access to a broad range of specialized professionals who are available for contract, interim or short-term project work

Business Intelligence

Let our network and data assist you through a completely bespoke service that can provide; market research, salary bench-marking, merge & acquisition support or detailed technical advice